Some new features + room control

Good morning fellow tinychatters!
Your requests for more moderation controls have not fallen on deaf ears. No, we have been hard at work like busy beavers creating a ultimate solution for non temporary chats.
Let me go over some of the new features we have enabled today:


Push to talk mode: Ever had a user come in with no headphones and ruin the entire chat with a echo? Now we ask the user if he has headphones and if he does not, we put them on push to talk mode, so their microphone is only active when they are speaking.

/broadcast command: If you enable “Control who can broadcast audio and video” you can manually make users go on and off cam, by typing /broadcast username – This means you can effectively do live shows, selecting people from the audience to go live and controlling when they are done.

/oper command: Ever wanted to make another user a room admin when you had to take off for a few hours? Now you can. Do /oper username and they will have all the powers you have!

Linking is back! We have re-enabled hyperlinking for @twitter and http:// links- No more copy and paste!

Tweet your chat: Ever wanted to have your chat messages syndicated through twitter like other services (ustream/twitcam/etc.) ? Well now you can! This feature is now bug tested and is being released for the masses

High Quality! – We have raised the quality on free and pro rooms by a significant amount! In fact, its a 4x improvement on free rooms!

Private messaging- We have added private messaging ala left clicking on a users name. There is also additional options in the menu as well.

Require Twitter mode- As a room starter, there is a new mode called “Require twitter” which will force anyone who wishes to enter your chat to signin through twitter. This means you can easily see who everyone is by checking their twitter name for their tinychat name.

We also have knocked off about 60 bugs that arent worth mentioning here, dealing with all sorts of issues from formatting, display and sound issues. Within the next few days we will be knocking out a wordpress plugin, a restyled video screen, a swear filter and custom hashtags for your own rooms.